1st Choice FTPPro


Easily transfer files with your FTP server


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Are you looking for a tool that lets you transfer files between your computer and your FTP server? Are you tired of the limitations of the Windows file browser? Now there's a solution.

1st Choice FTPPro is a tool for managing your file transfers through an FTP protocol. With this program, it's easier to control how you send and receive files between your computer and the FTP server.

What stands out in this application is the four-window interface. Two windows are for browsing directories, and the other two are for browsing files; two for the local device, and the other pair for the remote one.

Apart from using 1st Choice FTPPRO to interact with the remote server, you could also use it as file explorer, replacing the default one from Windows. This makes 1st Choice FTPPro a tool that's both useful and versatile.

Some features are limited.

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